Gift to Filiz Çağman


Both biographical and oral history studies about important names of our culture and art world, give us invaluable experiences by tracing the past. Thanks to these valuable life stories, we can determine with all the vitality how our cultural and artistic values have experienced from past to present. Thus, we can have an idea about how art and culture will be shaped from now on. It is our responsibility to absorb these values and tell them with an understanding appropriate to the present day and to pass them on to the next generations.

The cultural life stages of our past should not remain on the dusty shelves of history; We want all these values to reveal the deepest points of our cultural history that can be reached. Thus, these studies are presented to the benefit of the culture and art public opinion and contributed to the accumulation of resources in our academy world.

In this work, in line with all this desire and purpose, both an intellectual art historian and intellectual prepared for Dr. Filiz Çağman. Great efforts were made to remind Dr. Çağman who is an exemplary person in every aspect to his contemporaries and to introduce them to new generations.