Subject and Services

In order to achieve the above-mentioned objectives, the association carries out the following studies:

4.1) For contributing the development and become popular of Traditional Arts in Turkey, taking initiatives on the level of relevant authorities

4.2) To open branches and agencies for achieving the objectives of the assosiation. To assign person and institutions in this direction.

4.3) To organize scientific meetings such as congresses, symposiums, panels, conferences, seminars, to provide documentation and information for educational purposes. To earn income for the benefit of the association from the organized events.

4.4) To provide regular communication among artists working in the field of Traditional Arts, to contribute to the training of artists. To earn income for the benefit of the association by organizing various courses, exhibitions and seminars for raising awareness of Traditional Arts.

4.5) To open exhibitions with the permission of the competent authorities stipulated in the Law of Associations domestically and/or abroad for promotional purposes; to carry out renovation and reforming activities; organizing events such as congresses, conferences, panels, excursions etc. and / or participating in organized events. Consulting for exhibitions and museums to be opened by other institutions and organizations.

4.6) To consolidate the relations of Traditional Arts with other disciplines and collateral disciplines, both theoretically and practically, in accordance with the understanding of contemporary art and science. To organize activities that will improve the exchange of culture and arts between our country and other countries and to contribute to the events organized.

4.7) To organize working groups for the branches of Traditional Arts in accordance with the understanding of it.

4.8) To lead the establishment of collaborations between the artists of our country and foreign artists. With the permission of the competent authority, allowing the introduction of Turkish arts richness and activities to overseas and contributing to the events that will allow our country to help to the development of culture and art exchange between other countries.

4.9) Organizing trips and entertainments such as performance, concerts and balls for the benefit of the association. Providing resources for works related to the Traditional Arts through donations to be obtained in this way.

4.10) Obtaining the necessary goods and real estates and ensuring the employment of the personnel to carry out the works necessary for the purposes.

4.11) Announcements, magazines, bulletins, internet activities and make audio-digital broadcasts to establish continuous communication between members.

4.12) To cooperate to achieve the objectives of the association with similar associations and other institutions established domestically and abroad, with the permission of the competent authorities specified in the Law of Associations.

4.13) If necessary and requested, by contacting official institutions and organizations, to help establish standards related to the subjects falling into the field of the Association, to make suggestions to the relevant laws, regulations and specifications.

4.14) Within the field of interest to carry out activities aimed at raising awareness on this issue by transferring the correct information to the public. In this direction, to organize press conferences, to participate in various television and radio programs, to use social media, to publish advertisement for promotional purposes and similar activities.

4.15) In order to provide funding for the activities of the association, to collect dues and donations, to obtain goods and to earn income from these goods.
4.16) Organizing awarded and/or non-awarded competitions and participating in similar competitions with competent persons and organizations in order to support and develop new ideas in art, increase competition and quality.

4.17) Supporting UNESCO studies within the framework of the protection and sustainability of intangible cultural heritage. To advise the relevant official authorities on this matter. For this purpose, to produce and implement projects specific to the field, which are inventories.

4.18) To plan and carry out scientific and educational activities that provide public interest as part of civilization awareness and intangible cultural heritage transfer.

4.19) The Association does not deal with politics in any way and does not engage in political activities.