Purpose and Function

Ensuring the development of Traditional Arts in Turkey; contributing to the promotion and promoting arts awareness and carrying out trainings in this direction. To support education and production in the area of Traditional Arts; to help make education at the most advanced and modern level. By utilizing from the civilization background of Anatolia, Mesopotamia and the Eastern Mediterranean basin, to organize activities aiming at transferring the existing culture-art values and riches to the future generations. To carry out various activities and studies within the interest of this discipline with accurate, objective and public interest methods; to determine the basic principles and standards related to the activities and to make them operable. To assemble academics, artists, students and those who are interested in this field under the same roof. To identify and revive the extinct and almost extinct arts and elements bearing arts value. As an association among the non-governmental organizations accredited by UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), carrying out activities on the protection, sustainability and transfer of intangible cultural heritage to future generations.