How Copyright is Protected?

How Copyright is Protected?

The works protected under the Law of Intellectual and Artistic Works, benefit from the natural protection starting from the moment the work is created. Thereby, there is no necessity for the work to be registered or approved by any institution.

However, it is possible to carry out some actions in order to ensure the rights of the work, especially to guarantee the ease of proof when determining the ownership of the rights.

  • Optional Registration

It is an optional procedure providing ease of proof in determining the owner -or owners of the work. This procedure is based on applicant’s statement and it doesn’t constitute the right, per se. Ideas cannot be registered in their abstract forms, their registration is only possible when they are embodied and shaped (turned into works).

Upon the application for the optional registration procedure, the applicant is delivered a document containing information about the work and owner of the work.

In case the work with an optional registration becomes a subject of any litigation, copies of the registration document and documents provided during the application phase will be sent to the Court by our General Directorate.

You can find detailed information on the optional registration procedures here.

Documents of entitlement issued or approved by the Notary

Any declaration made by a person claiming a work is created by that person and all the rights on this work belongs to that person can be documented and approved by The Notary.