TRADITIONAL ARTS ASSOCIATION UNESCO ICH Accredited NGOs Meeting REPORT 24 - 30 DECEMBER 2018 MAURITIUS | 08.01.2019 | 08.01.2019



The Traditional Arts Association officially attended the UNESCO meeting for the first time after being accredited by UNESCO. In the meeting held in Mauritius, apart from Turkey, the experts of UNESCO of every country’s Cultural Ministry, National Committee of UNESCO, representatives of NGOs accredited to UNESCO and artists also participated. Ahmet Akcan also participated to the program on behalf of the Traditional Arts Association Board of Directors.

Many elements of intangible cultural heritage entered on the UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage by voting. At the General Assembly Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan’s joint proposal about Dede Korkut was approved unanimously for UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

UNESCO accredited NGO meetings were held every day within the scope of the program.

  1. At the meeting, acquaintance and consultation talks were held. Speaking on behalf of the association at these meetings, Ahmet Akcan introduced the association in detail and expressed his views on cooperation.
  2. At the Unesco Accredited NGOs meeting, Unesco Accredited Stklar was acquitted by presenting the board of directors report. Then, candidates from each region, who were candidates for the board of directors, introduced themselves and the non-governmental organizations they represent.
  1. New board of directors elections were held at the meeting. As a result of the elections, the following members were elected to the board of directors:
  • AFRICA - Seraphin BOUTE (Global Development for Pymee Minorities, CONGO)
  • EASTERN EUROPE - Kaloyan NIKOLOV (European Association of Folkloare Festivals, BULGARIA)
  • WESTERN EUROPE - AMERICA - Meg NOMGARD (The Storytelling Network of Kronoberg, SWEDEN)
  • INTERNATIONAL - Naila CERIBASIC (International Council for Traditional Music, AUSTRIA)

Joint meeting of the new board of directors and Traditional Arts Association; As the Traditional Arts Association, we held a consultation meeting with the newly elected members of the board of directors as a result of the meetings with the board of Unesco Accredited NGOs.

  1. At the Unesco Accredited NGOs meeting, the Traditional Arts Association was introduced to all participating accredited NGOs and promised to make a presentation. In the presentation, Ahmet Akcan on behalf of the association talked about the association, its activities and collaborations. Later, he expressed his opinion on joint work with accredited NGOs. As a result of the consultations, a principle decision was taken to hold a summit in Istanbul in June 2019 in partnership with UNESCO. An executive board was created for the program titled ICH NGO NETWORKING AND CAPACITY BUILDING MEETING. In the Executive Board to represent UNESCO Naila Ceribasic, and to represent Turkey Ahmet Akca were appointed.