Traditional Arts Workshops Begins 10/24/2019 | 24.10.2019



The countdown for Traditional Arts Workshops Has Started | 24.10.2019

The Traditional Arts Association (GSD), which continues to work with the aim of keeping our traditional arts alive and transferring them to future generations, will organize "Traditional Arts Workshops" in the 2019-2020 season.

The idea of “Traditional Arts Workshops” have come to forward as many problems have been expressed for a long time in various issues in the field, and solutions have been proposed with different approaches to these problems, it has been determined that serious steps have not been taken yet.

GSD successfully carried out "Terminology in Traditional Arts" and "Tradition-Art Conversations" at Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts at Pera Museum in the 2018-2019 period, making a great contribution for raising awareness in this field. In order to ensure that the awareness in question is sustainable, the problems experienced in the main branches of traditional arts in the 2019-2020 period will be discussed in monthly workshops. In each workshop, the problems of traditional arts will be discussed by putting forward solution proposals and road maps for them, and the outputs of the whole workshop will be reported and presented to the official institutions and the public.

Before the workshops that will be devoted to a different traditional art every month, an online form will be shared on our website and social network accounts to collect problems and solutions.


Marbling Workshop Begins

The first of the workshops, which will be open and free of charge to the audience, will be held in the field of marbling art. While preparations for the marbling workshop were in the process, a form was created to determine the content of the workshop. You can share the problems you have identified regarding the art of marbling and your solution suggestions for these problems via the form linked below. We await your contributions so that we can create the content of the workshop wholesomely.

Marbling Workshop Preparation Form (Problems and solutions)