Culture Academy Program | 31.05.2019 | 31.05.2019



A series of conferences were held under the name of Istanbul Culture Academy at the Zeytinburnu Municipality Cultural Center Conference Hall on 22-23 May 2019 by the Istanbul Cultural Ambassadors Association. These conferences were attended by local authorities, imams, representatives of non-governmental organizations, country association administrators, municipal officials and district governors who had close contact with the people of Istanbul.

The main idea is to train cultural ambassadors for Istanbul and to get to identify and know Istanbul culture through two-day conferences; it is aim to contribute to the development of cultural policies and to increase awareness on these issues.


During the conferences, participants were informed about the transfer of Istanbul culture, cultural changes, transitions, and differences to understand the connection between them. In addition, information about the duty of conveying awareness of Istanbul culture to the audience under everyone's assigned position was given.

Gürcan Mavili, a member of the Board of Directors, who participated in the program on behalf of the Association of Traditional Arts, stated that the arts, which are now called traditional arts and gathered under the title of books, connect our past culture to today; He talked about the effects of traditional arts, the longest-standing culture in the context of art, on today's arts and their contribution to Istanbul culture.